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Head Ecologist Jenny Holden has been running training courses for organisations and teaching in universities since 2005. Her clients have included University of Central Lancs, University of Cumbria, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Stirling University.

We are currently planning a series of training courses. Details will be posted here but in the meantime why not browse the topics that we currently offer, or contact us to discuss a course for your organisation.

Jenny’s degree is in Biology and Science Communication which gave her a very good grounding in how to communicate science to a wider audience. Talks and training courses are tailored to the audience whether it’s members are the local Beaver Scouts, W.I. group, Natural History Society or delegates at a scientific conference.

Jenny has lectured on Ecology, Wildlife Legislation, Vertebrate Evolution, World Ecology and Conservation Strategy, UK Agriculture and Conservation, Ecological Survey Techniques, British Owls, Beaver Ecology and Reintroductions, Otters, British Bats, Water Vole Conservation and Ecology, Barn Owl Foraging Ecology, and many more.

We currently offer training in ecology, behaviour, surveying, conservation and management of the following species: Water Voles, European Beaver, Otter, Brown Hare, Small Mammals and Barn Owls.

Many of these courses were written and delivered on request. Go on, just ask, Jenny enjoys a challenge!

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