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When is the best time for a bat survey?

Bat surveys in Cumbria are best carried out between the months of April and September when the animals are most active. Out of this time period it is possible to survey sites in order to assess the likelihood that bats would use them and to look for signs such as suitable access points for bats, bat droppings or feeding remains.

These surveys are often useful and can help to move projects along where a site is completely unsuitable for bats. However, when a suitable building or tree is found, the only way to be certain of whether a bat is using it is by conducting activity surveys.

Horseshoe Bat

Horseshoe Bats surveyed in Hungary

Are bats legally protected in Britain?

In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected, by both domestic and international legislation. This means you will be committing a criminal offence if you:

  • Deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat
  • Intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat in its roost or deliberately disturb a group of bats
  • Damage or destroy a bat roosting place (even if bats are not occupying the roost at the time)
  • Possess or advertise/sell/exchange a bat (dead or alive) or any part of a bat
  • Intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to a bat roost

Do I need a bat survey?

Wilde Ecology has experienced and licensed staff who will plan and conduct professional surveys, apply for licences where appropriate on a client’s behalf and draw up and put into place mitigation plans if bats are found on a site.

Although it is unlikely that the presence of bats will stop a development from taking place, the best way to avoid delays is to consider the possibility that they might be present in the planning of a project and factor this in. Bat surveyors are often busy once spring and summer arrive so book your bat surveys as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about whether you need a bat survey or not, you can contact us for free initial advice and an informal chat about what you might require. Wilde Ecology’s staff have been conducting bat surveys and roost visits in North West England for over ten years, we know the area and its bat populations well. We do our utmost to ensure that wildlife and clients experience as little disruption as possible.

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